Analysis Day 2018JUL16

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  • Welcome -- 9:00am

Session: Calibrations

Session: Systematic Effects

Session: Tools

Session: Wrap-up


SESSION: Calibrations

  • Mike- BCM Calibrations-
    • use dnew in standard analysis
    • use constant calibration for entire MARATHON run
    • Javier- why is unew low for calibration #2?
  • Tyler H- Raster Calibration-
    • Javier- Did something in the beamline really change? ask the expert
    • Javier- Does the carbon hole image get fuzzier with higher angle due to multiple scattering within the target?
    • Need to make a plot for stability of current-to-mm calibration over the whole MARATHON run
    • check BPM documents to find raster calibration stuff
  • Jason- Runlists-
    • get runlist info in mysql, add mysql runlist query functions to TriTools
  • Tong- Endcap Contamination-
    • downstream vertex-z moving: caused by mispointing, raster calibration, optics?
  • Jason- Pedestal Stability-
    • Hanjie- FADC class for S0, S2, and Cer calculates pedestal values event-by-event
  • Mike- Data Quality Checks-

SESSION: Systematics

  • Tong- December Boiling-
    • Talk to Meekins: are we surprised that the boiling is non-linear?
    • check target-z dependence of boiling
  • Mike- Boiling-
    • why are the events from the gas tilted (high at upstream, lower at downstream)
  • Hanjie- No-track/Multi-track-
    • use assumption of constant cosmic rate, predict zero track efficiency effect vs kinematic
  • Tyler K- Tritium Decay-
    • calculate effect of uncertainty in contamination factor on uncertainty in yield ratio
  • Hanjie- Radiative Corrections-
    • Check that you are actually using scattering angle, not just horizontal angle, for the radiative corrections
    • Zhihong: bin centering- use simulation with radiative correction included
    • Javier: bin centering- cut to stay away from edges, use model to get dependence of cross-section on x, Q^2
    • Makis: don't trust edge bins in x, plot each bite separately to look for discrepancies
    • Zhihong: perhaps make tighter acceptance cuts on theta and phi
    • check which model used in Dave Gaskells code
  • Tong- Positrons-
    • do data quality checks on Helium kin3 positron runs


  • Tyler K- Event Viewer-
  • Tyler H- Batch Replays-
    • clean up old replay directories, if any still exist


  • Evan- Discussion: Moving Forward-
    • Priority 1:
      • Anything that changes the database/code for pass2
        • finalize calibrations (BCM, raster, beam energy, optics, etc.)
    • energy and angle higher-order corrections
    • optics matrix depends on accurate angle central value and mispointing numbers
      • decision on beam trip cut handling (cutting out ramp-up?)
      • Finalize Data Quality Checks
        • run lists
        • all suspicious runs identified and investigated
    • Priority 2:
      • Systematics Studies
        • radiative corrections
        • tritium decay
        • positrons
        • endcap contamination
        • boiling
        • acceptance cuts
        • zero-track and multi-track events (decision: use only one-track events)
      • priority ordering (Makis)-
        • acceptance cuts (need to set standard cuts (PID: Hanjie track study))
        • endcaps
        • boiling
        • positrons
        • tritium decay
        • binning
        • radiative corrections