How to open high voltage GUI

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  • Instructions for opening high voltage GUI for HRS
  • login as adev on adaq1 or adaq2 (eg: "ssh adev@adaq1")
  • passwords are written on the counting house white board
  • To open Left and Right HRS HV GUI type "hvgui_hrs"
  • A VNC session of the HV GUI will open. If the VNC server is off, then you can start it by doing "start_hvgui_hrs"
    • crate rpi8:2001 is for LHRS
    • crates rpi7:2001 and rpi6:2001 are for RHRS?
    • Never change HV values without an expert's approval

[HV instructions for users]

[HV for experts]

12 GeV DVCS/GMp October 2014 running