MOLLER Pion Background Meeting Thursday, August 17, 2017 2:00pm EST

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Previous Meeting: MOLLER_Pion_Background_Meeting_Thursday,_August_3,_2017_2:00pm_EST

Meeting Information

BlueJeans Call Information


Phone Number: 1-888-240-2560

Meeting ID: 624029893


  • New academic semester, do we need a new meeting time?
  • Director's Review Questions (Completed by end of summer 2017):
    • Summer just about complete, new deadline?
      • mu+ + mu- background?
      • beam dump back scattering background?
  • Wouter: General simulation updates.
  • Scott: Lead wall thickness determination.
  • Nevin: Pion Calorimeter Studies
  • Any new business?


Attendees: Seamus, Wouter, Kurtis

Not Attending:

Scribe: Kurtis

  • New meeting time?
    • Works for Seamus, Wouter, and Kurtis. Might work for David. Need to check with Scott and any other undergraduates at WM.
  • Director's Review Items
    • mu+ + mu-, has moved to the back-burner at the moment.
    • Beam dump: Cip has been working on some of background simulations for PREx, the beam dump geometry from that PREx simulation could be moved to remoll. It is implemented in GDML. Wouter will speak with Cip about porting it over. Needs to be reviewed before complete implementation.
      • Wouter will implement a virtual detector plan after the pion detector stack to check the rates of back scattered events.
  • Wouter: General simulations updates.
    • Working on implementing the work done in the aluminum branch back in the main. Presently moved to the development branch waiting for the next release version.
  • Scott will be back later in the month.
  • Waiting to hear back from David in regards to Nevin's calorimeter studies.
  • When is the next collaboration meeting? Anything scheduled yet? Seamus- Not at this point.