PVDIS at 6 GeV E08-011

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Main Information

Analysis Meetings and Elogs

Collaborators Webpages

You may link your name below to your weekly analysis report. If you usually do not report at our meeting, you may link it to your homepage.

Analysis Tasks, Results, and Technical Reports or Working Publications

This part outlines the analysis for PVDIS and contains semi-final analysis results. Please first report preliminary results and daily progress on PVDIS elog or your own report page. Once a result is close to final, we may ask you to summarize it and link it to this section.

  • Run Information
    • Diancheng's run database. please ask for the username and password.
  • Beam Studies
  • Polarimetries
    • Moller Polarimetry analysis
    • Compton Polarimetry analysis
  • Optics Studies
  • DAQ
  • HAMC Simulations
  • Trigger Simulations
  • Asymmetries

Talks with blinded asymmetries

  • Xiaochao's talk at College of William and Mary, March 2010: click here
  • Ramesh's talk at MENU10: click here
  • Paul R.'s talk DIS2010

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