TDIS Bi-monthly meeting, 2018 January 16

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  • MRI preparations for mTPC/TDIS


Notes from Marco

  • Note that we anticipated the meeting from next week to discuss MRI now, as the MRI deadline is coming soon (so our next meeting will be on February 13)
  • MRI preparation - Nilanga update
    • Institutions: UVA (leading), Hampton U., Virginia Union U., JLab
    • Deadlines:
      • NSF deadline: February 05, 5pm (Monday)
      • Our (tentative) submission deadline: February 02 (many institutions involved, safe to try to submit earlier)
      • Our proposal ready deadline: January 26 (so we can prepare for submission)
    • Budget goal:
      • Try to keep under U$1M (track 1 proposal) - otherwise more requirements are needed
    • C1 condition:
      • Our C1 constrain will be addressed - change from a radial TPC to a multiple TPC
      • PAC report: C1 is related to detector feasibility, not DAQ
      • Our current analysis show that the detector is possible
      • C1 cannot be lifted in time for the MRI - requires to form a committee, write details (2 weeks is not enough for all that)
      • Although the experiment is with C1, we should highlight that it was A-rated
      • We could ask a letter from the DAQ or the electronics group emphasizing that the detector can be built
    • Proposal preparation:
      • Nilanga has first draft already - need now feedback from people
      • We should highlight that the PAC approved the science, we have days allotted for the experiment, the rating was given
      • Thia can write as a Hall leader about schedule if needed
      • There has been a very broad program on TDIS discussed for the EIC, like what we are doing - several workshops already happened
      • Cryogenic requirements have to be in the MRI, as it was a question raised by the PAC. We should highlight that our detector design should work for both cryogenic and non-cryogenic temperatures.
      • Discussion of ions accumulated in the volume of the TPC has to be mentioned (Rachel simulated that?)
    • Budget spreadsheet:
      • NSF requires at least 30% of cost sharing
      • UVA: cost sharing with manpower (postdoc, graduate and undergrad students)
      • UVA development (values detailed in the spreadsheet):
        • (A) GEM prototype with novel readout board. Bogdan suggested a design already in the TPC geometry, to develop strips, radial wires, etc. required for the actual detector.
        • (B) 2 mTPC units for detailed studies of detector
        • (C) Full unit construction + 20% spare
        • (D) HV power
      • Hampton development (values detailed in the spreadsheet):
        • Mostly related to electronics/detector development
      • JLab (values detailed in the spreadsheet):
        • Thia could write a letter saying that we are contributing with manpower
      • Virginia Union Univ. (values detailed in the spreadsheet):
        • Detector development (gas distribution, cryogenic part, etc.)
        • We should double check with Jack(?) if we need more money for developing the detector
    • Nilanga will circulate the current version of the proposal in the next day or two - please review and give comments by the end of week

Organizational details

11:00 AM, JLab meeting room: CC A110

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