TDIS Bi-monthly meeting, 2018 March 6

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(Material from TDIS Collaboration Meeting Feb/2018 available)


  • General updates by everyone


  • Continue with our regular bi-weekly meeting every 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of the month
  • Steve Wood:
    • Concern with the amount of data to be produced regarding saving all that to tape
    • Creating many Gb/s would be a problem
    • Considering pads occupancies and SBS trigger rates, we may be able to reduce that to ~1 Gb/s (considering we can compact data in 8 bytes/hit/pad)
    • That is achieved considering peak fit in FPGA to reach this compact data structure (according to Ed, ALICE is already doing all peak fitting in FPGA)
  • Alexander Camsonne:
    • Marco could send some events tracks to Jixie to start playing with track identification and fits
  • Ed Jastrzembsky:
    • Working with SAMPA test stand
    • Trying to get from Oak Ridge the files/drawings of front end cards, so we can produce ours to test this hardware
    • These boards would be very important for debugging the CHIP, and they have a good development already that would be beneficial to us
    • Identified two vendors that would produce the boards after we get the files
    • They are collaborating, exchanged several emails already and got replies on some other discussions
    • Asked Oak Ridge for cadence(?) files also, that would help with debug as well
    • USP/Brazil asking for change in specifications of SAMPA chip we would need (they need this information soon!)
    • Talked with Fernando Barbosa (JLab) to discuss about changes we would need (shapping time, gain, impedances, etc). He said he is going to help us.
  • Rachel Montgomery:
    • Working with Delta and Lambda reconstruction for kaon TDIS
    • Running GEM simulations
    • SBS part of the simulation - need to discuss more with Eric Fuchey
  • Marco Carmignotto:
    • Working on the routines to identify correct particle out of background
    • Development of digitization also ongoing - tracks overlaps and vertex timing and position
    • Initial concerns about track ID - studies still ongoing - may need extra layer of detector (scintillator) in external radius for timing?
  • Dipangkar Dutta:
    • Getting materials and discussing with target group for tests
    • LAC tests planned for Summer

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