Thursday, July 21, 2016 3:00pm EST

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Previous Meeting: Thursday,_July_7,_2016_3:00pm_EST

Meeting Information

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Phone Number: 1-800-240-2560

Meeting ID: 624029893


  • Dominic: Comparing Wiser generator to modified Hall D generator. [1]
  • Scott: Implementation of lead wall and strawman pion detector. [2]
  • Any new business?


Attendees: Rakitha, Scott, Dominic, Kurtis, Paul, Wouter

Not Attending:

Scribe: Kurtis

  • Scott: Making some progress on the producing plots of rate vs lead thickness. Need to start determining rates for given bands in radius.
  • Dominic: Starting to see agreement between the Wiser generator and LUND generator.