Tuesday, August 27, 2013 2:00pm EST

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Last meeting: Wednesday, June 12, 2013 10:30am EST


  1. Update from KK - Collimation meeting with Robin and Al
  2. Update from Juliette
    1. Preliminary Iron Results
    2. Preliminary Sensitivity Results
  3. Update from Jason - Stay clear
  4. Planning
    1. Fall work
    2. MIE ?
    3. Magnet Advisory meeting


Attending: Juliette, Tyler, KK, Jason, Ernie, Jim, Cathy, Chris

  1. Meeting with Robin etc. to discuss collimator support design
    1. 5 kW target, 18% radiator, 150 kW photons produced
    2. block primary and secondary photons
    3. simulated power deposited in each collimator
    4. need to be moveable
    5. Summary of needed work
  2. Juliette's update
    1. reduce current density, shape fields
      1. try solid iron, as big as it can be
      2. iron at upstream end, as big as it can be
      3. new design with iron
      4. plots with different current densities (is it linear)
    2. progress is being made, but not quite done
  3. Jason's update
    1. stay clear zones
      1. discontinuities - to stay away from the coils (hybrid expands in width)
      2. Need better keep out def'n - hug actually particle trajectories
      3. mold support shape to fit between keep-out zones
      4. expansion in phi - actually real - shave the acceptance? <- only if absolutely necessary
      5. central beam pipe support? spacers - resting on coils
  4. Planning
    1. Fall work - report not needed until October 21 collaboration meeting
      1. between now and then - get a solid first pass for estimates (25% contingency)
      2. coils, supports, vacuum chamber, feedthroughs
      3. infrastucture requirements (water flow, etc.)
    2. MIE - no new work needed for MIE
      1. vacuum vessel picture?
    3. Magnet Advisory meeting - early October - show them where we are
      1. finalize a list (Dieter Waltz, Vladimir Kashikin, George Clark, Steve Williamson)
      2. find out when people can meet - week of October 14, 2013
    4. Next meeting - meet in week of Sept. 16th (Tuesday @ 1pm) - send out a Doodle poll

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