SoLID Dry Run, June 2012

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time and location

Date: 2012_06_13-14 Wed and Thu

Jlab CEBAF L210 Wed morning
Jlab CEBAF L102 Wed afternoon
Jlab CEBAF L210 Thu morning
Jlab CEBAF L102 Thu afternoon

(L210 is second floor, above the lobby, facing auditorium)


Phoneline: US 866-740-1260, International 303-248-0285, Access code: 1978431
remote desktop sharing: readytalk, join as a PARTICIPANT with the same Access code: 1978431

note: this screen sharing system is from the same company providing our conference phone system. All you need is a browser with flash. One choice is google chrome 32 bit (win,linux,mac) which has flash built-in at

upload talks

You can upload talks on any jlab CUE machine (like jlabl1) at the directory /group/halla/www/hallaweb/html/12GeV/SoLID/meeting_coll/2012_06_dryrun

Then make a link in the agenda with the address like ""+"yourfilename"

or if you encounter any problem, ask or send the talk to Seamus Riordan


6/13 (Wednesday) Morning

        9:00     Welcome/ Hall A status -  Bob Michaels
        9:10     Brief remark from Management - Rolf Ent
        9:20     PVDIS - Paul Souder
        9:50     Discussion
        10:10    SIDIS/TMD - Haiyan Gao pdf
        10:40    Discussion
        11:00    Break
        11:20    Overview of SoLID - J. P. Chen
        11:50    Discussion
        12:10    Lunch


        13:30    GEM - Nilanga Liyanage
        14:00    Discussion
        14:20    Calorimeter(pdf) - Xiaochao Zheng
        14:50    Discussion
        15:10    Break
        15:30    DAQ - Alexandre Camsonne pdf
        16:00    Discussion
        16:20    Tracking - Ole Hansen
        16:40    Discussion
        17:00    General Discussion
        18:00    Adjourn

6/14 (Thursday) Morning

        9:00    PMT Cerenkov - Zein-Eddine Meziani
        9:30    Discussion
        9:50    Hadron Blind Cereknov - Tom Hemmick 
        10:20  Discussion
        10:40  General Discussion on Cherenkov options
        11:00   Break
        11:20   Polarimetry - Kent Paschke
        11:40   Atomic Moller - Kurt Aulenbacher
        11:50  Discussion
        12:10   Lunch


        13:30    Simulation - Seamus Riordan
        14:00    Discussion
        14:20    Background/Radiation(pdf) - Lorenzo Zana (draft)
        14:50    Discussion
        15:10    General Discussion
        15:40    Other Issues, Next Collaboration Meeting.
        16:00    Adjourn