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This article also serve as part of spin flip manual.

The main control signal provide a access point to every parts of the system. Also it controls the generation spin flip sequence.

Main Control

Following sections will tour through all the controls in the order of left to right and up to down .

System Control Subpanel

  • status indicator

The first control is the status indicator. There are 4 different states:

  1. Initializing
  2. Ready to Flip
  3. Flipping
  4. Error (the control will flash)

Left click of this control will show system status manager.

  • Fool Proof Lock

If the lock is pressed down, it will show text "I'm Expert". Then every function & module will be accessible. Otherwise, it will show text "I'm Rookie". In this case user is only allowed to view the system status and clear errors.

The recommended setting for shift works are "I'm Rookie".

  • Reset All

Warning : this function will affect target polarization and direction. Stop data taking before apply.

This button will try to load the system back to default status by executing following command in sequence:

  1. turn off run simulation
  2. Look for all quarter-wave plates connected, and automatically calibrate them. This process could take minutes depending on number of plates installed.
  3. Ask for NMR sweep settings and reinitialize
  4. Reboot EPICS interface
  5. Start Auto Flip
  6. Show sweep status
  7. Show Log
  8. Do a Flip to synchronize target hardware and logic electronics.

System Status Subpanel

  • Sequence ID : This number will increase 1 after every rebooting this main control.
  • Flip Count : Count of flips since last reboot.
  • Last Reboot At : Time stamp when this code started running
  • X Heart Beat : Heart Beat light of each thread with in this system. If one of them is halt, the whole code should be rebooted.

Spin Subpanel

  • Spin Direction Indicator :

This indicator shows current spin state. There are three states:

Spin1.png Spin0.png Spin-1.png
spin of target is PARALLEL to holding magnetic field spin of target is UNKNOWN spin of target is ANTIPARALLEL to holding magnetic field
Value=+1 Value=0 Value=-1
AKA spin up AKA spin unknon AKA spin down

This is "expected spin", which is calculated by assuming every flip is successful since last calibration. If the NMR signal do not agree with this expectation, an error will be generated.

  • Under Flip Indicator : Whether the target is under a flip
  • Flip Now! Button : Execute A Flip Immediately, if system status is "Ready to Flip"

Automatic Flip Subpanel

  • Auto Flip Set switch : Turn On or Pause Auto Flip.
  • Auto Flip Indicator : Indicates whether auto flip is alive. There are two states of this indicator:
  1. Auto Flip Alive
  2. Auto Flip Suspended

Warning: When an error occurred, auto flip sequence will be paused and "Auto Flip", although "Auto Flip Set" switch is still on "ON" position. There are to method to recover auto flip sequence after the error is cleared:

  1. Turn "Auto Flip Set" switch "OFF" then "ON" again
  2. Wait 10min, then if there is no new error, flip sequence will recover automatically
  • Flip Interval box : Time interval between two automatic flips. If their value is changed, waiting progress will be cleared to 0%.

Notice : This control will be disabled if Fool Proof Lock is ON.

  • Waiting Progress Bar : If the bar reaches end, an flip command will be executed.
  • X Time Stamp : There are 4 time stamp listed:
  1. Current system time
  2. Time when next automatic flip will happen
  3. Last Flip started time
  4. Last flip ended time

Notice : usually "Last flip ended time" - "Last Flip started time" < 5s

Modules and Functions Subpanel

Notice : This control will be disabled if Fool Proof Lock is ON.

Notice : This control will be disabled if Fool Proof Lock is ON.

  • Changing Pol. Indicator : Whether laser polarization is under changing.
  • Simul. Switch : A toggle switch for whether actually carry on or simulate hardware operation and EPICS communication. If this switch is on, then
  1. There will not be any GPRB operation, which means no RF send to target and no signal read back from Lock-In amplifier.
  2. Every flip will be displayed to be successful.
  3. EPICS communication is shutdown

Notice : This control will be disabled if Fool Proof Lock is ON.

  • Show Log Button : Show Text Log window
  • Generate Report Button : Generate a User Report. User will be prompted to input a short comment, which will be added to top the report.
  • Reboot EPICS Button : Reboot EPICS interface. No window/dialog will be showed.

Notice : This control will be disabled if Fool Proof Lock is ON.