TDIS DAQ, June 6 2017

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  • Thia's summary of the meeting
June 6, 2017

Paul King talked.. lots of questions presented for discussion… overview, some needs

We should set up a wiki page, and upload this talk

Slide 7 add question – how to handle pile-up? 

Asked about DREAM chips… Kondo said not clearly better than APV25, and we should look at what else is on the market… he will do this for next time,
there are indeed options on the market
Kondo will present next meeting

Think about how many chips we’ll need, how many channels (560), how many can we fit on a board (some discussion) 

Graham - need to put chips a bit away from the rTPC (~0.5 meter), as BONUS is doing, maybe need to design also shielding

Graham – what about data volume? Chris, max readout of 25 MHz (DREAM spec)… Paul calculated ~25 Mbyte/sec/chip, 12 bit adc from Gabriel’s BONUS/TDIS talk 

How many events/sec?

Graham - sPHENIX reads out continuously, the trigger then gives a time window (different approach), a flash adc on steroids – use ALICE chips,
but could also likely work with DREAM – clock them – look at time windows and throw away what’s not needed before writing to tape

How many total channels? 36,000 pads
Know hits/pad/sec
So, know hits/detector/sec
FIGURE out the data rate! GByte OK if not stored to tape (per above)
Paul to present next meeting

How to route out the cables/traces – can post Nilanga’s design