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Hall A Technical Notes

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Hall A Tech Notes for 2015

Non-Factorized Form of Radiative Corrections
JLAB-TN-15-023   PDF  
Charlies Hyde

Hall A Tech Notes for 2011

Target Thickness Studies, Run 1 of Experiment E06-007
JLAB-TN-11-030   PDF  
K. Aniol
Target Thickness Studies, Run 2 of Experiment E06-007
JLAB-TN-11-031   PDF  
K. Aniol

Hall A Tech Notes for 2005

Assessment of Hall A Vertical Drift Chamber Analysis Software Performance Through Monte Carlo Simulation
JLAB-TN-05-069 PDF  
Amy Orsborn

LH2 Target Density in Hall A Experiment E01-020
JLAB-TN-05-064 Abstract   PDF   Postscript  
Paul Ulmer

Use of a Self-leveling Laser Indicator for Determination of Proper Hook Position with Respect to the Load of a Crane
JLAB-TN-05-062 Abstract   Word   PDF  
J. Segal

Energy calibration and Reconstruction algorithms of the RCS electromagnetic calorimeter
JLAB-TN-05-058 Abstract   PDF   Postscript  
Vahe Mamyan for the RCS collaboration

Monitoring of the calibration constants of the DVCS calorimeter
JLAB-TN-05-033 Abstract   PDF   Postscript  
Malek Mazouz and Eric Voutier

Hall A Tech Notes for 2003

Target Density Fluctuations and Bulk Boiling in the Hall A Cryotarget
JLAB-TN-03-017 Abstract   PDF   Postscript  
D.S. Armstrong, B. Moffit, and R. Suleiman

Spin Transport in the HRS
JLAB-TN-03-024 PDF   Postscript  
Lubomir Pentchev

Importance of Coulomb Corrections In Extraction of the Proton Form
JLAB-TN-03-116 Postscript  
Douglas Higinbotham

Hall A Tech Notes for 2002

Optics Calibration of the Hall A High Resolution Spectrometers using the C Optimizer
JLAB-TN-02-012 PDF   Postscript  
Nilanga Liyanage

Systematic Uncertainties in E89-003: A report to the Hall A Collaboration
JLAB-TN-02-015 Abstract   PDF   Postscript  
Kevin Fissum, Paul Ulmer

High Luminosity Operation of a Large Solid Angle Neutron Detector Array in Jefferson Lab's Hall A
JLAB-TN-02-018 Abstract   PDF  
C.C. Chang, O. Filoti, D.W. Higinbotham, C.W. de Jager, E. Jans, M. Jones, R. Lindgren, P. Markowitz, R. Michaels, E. Piasetzky, A. Shahinyan, S. Sirca, K. Wang, J. Watson, K. Wijesooriya, B. Wojtsekhowski, S. Wood, I. Yaron, L. Zhu

A Lead Fluoride Calorimeter for Hall A
JLAB-TN-02-030 PDF   Postscript  
Kathy McCormick, Sirish Nanda

Calibration of Spectrometer Central Angles using Hall A HRS in 1H(e,e'p)
JLAB-TN-02-032 Abstract   PDF   Postscript  
Hassan Ibrahim, Paul Ulmer, Nilanga Liyanage

Hall A Tech Notes for 2001

Beam Postion Studies for E93050
JLab-TN-01-001 Abstract   PDF  
C. Hyde-Wright, L. Todor G. Laueissiere

JLab Experiment E93050 Virtual Compton Scattering
JLab-TN-01-002 Abstract   PDF  
S. Jaminion, H. Fonvieille

JLab Experiment E93050 Virtual Compton Scattering
JLab-TN-01-003 Abstract   PDF  
S. Jaminion, H. Fonvieille, L. Van Hoorebeke

Single Arm Monte Carlo for Polarized 3He experiments in Hall A v.0.2
JLab-TN-01-004 Abstract   PDF  
A. Deur

JLab Experiment E93050 Virtual Compton Scattering Scintillators Efficiency
JLab-TN-01-005 PDF  
P.Y. Bertin, R. DiSalvo, G. Laveissiere

Charm Photoproduction Near Threshold
JLab-TN-01-007 Abstract   PDF  
E. Chudakov, R. Ent, J.H. Mitchell, J.M. Lager, J.A. Dunne, J.A. Templon, P.E. Bosted, A. Margaryan

A guide for the EPR Measurement at Jefferson Lab
Jlab-TN-01-012 Abstract   PDF  
M. Liang

Hall A HRS Acceptance Study Via White Spectrum Scans in Experiment E94-004
JLab-TN-01-025 Abstract   PDF   Postscript  
Paul Ulmer

An Instrument for Precision Angle Measurement
Jlab-TN-01-046 Abstract   PDF  
Boghan Wojtsekhowski

A New Tool For Correlation Studies in Hall A at JLAB
JLab-TN-01-047 Abstract   PDF  
Boghan Wojtsekhowski, P. Degtyarenko, R. Lindgren

Spectrometer constant determination for the Hall-A High Resolution Spectrometer pair
Jlab-TN-01-049 PDF   Postscript  
Nilanga Liyanage

Quadrupole alignment studies in the HRSs
Jlab-TN-01-052 PDF   Postscript  
L. Pentchev, J. LeRose, and the FPP collaboration

Effective use of Hall A HRS acceptance with R-functions
Jlab-TN-01-055 Abstract   PDF   Postscript  
Marat Rvachev

Hall A Tech Notes for 2000

Report on Studies of the Effect on Resolution of the Exit Window of the HRS Spectrometers in Hall A
JLab-TN-00-001 Abstract   Word   PDF   Postscript  
J. LeRose

Test and Development of a Cherenkov diffusion detector prototype using Airglass aerogel at TJNAF
JLab-TN-00-010 Abstract   PDF   Postscript  
L. Lagamba, R. Iommi, B. Wojtsekhowski

Vertical Drift Chambers for the Hall A High Resolution Spectrometers at Jefferson Lab
JLab-TN-00-016 Abstract   PDF  
K.G. Fissum, W. Bertozzi, J.P. Chen, D. Dale, J. Gao, S. Gilad, C.R. Leathers, N. Liyanage, J.A. Templon, R. Weschler, J. Zhao, H.C. Fenker, A. Gavalya, R.O. Michaels, E.A.J.M. Offerman, J. Segal, B. Wojtsekhowski

Calibration of Beam Energy and Spectrometer Center Angles Using Hall A HRS in H(e,e'p)
JLab-TN-00-024 PDF  
P. Ulmer, H. Ibrahim, N. Liyanage

Application of the PCOS 4 System at JLab
JLab-TN-00-031 PDF  
I.A. Rachek

Hall A Tech Notes for 1999

Hall A controls hardware configuration for EPICS
JLab-TN-99-014 Abstract   PDF   Postscript  
J. Gomez

Hall A Tech Notes for 1998

Effect of p-terphenyl coating to the quantum efficiency of Burle 8854 photomultiplier tubes
JLab-TN-98-006 Abstract   PDF   Postscript  
Sue Duncan, Michael Kuss, Rob van der Meer, Bogdan Wojtsekhowski

Hall A cryogenic and dummy targets information
JLab-TN-98-007 Abstract   PDF   Postscript  
Riad Suleiman

Knock-on of delta-electron in Hall A electron arm
JLab-TN-98-028 Abstract   PDF   Postscript  
Alexandre Deur

Polarimeter for high energy photons
JLab-TN-98-039 Abstract   PDF  
B. Wojtsekhowski

Temperature analysis for the Hall A cryotarget
JLab-TN-98-046 Abstract   PDF   Postscript  
Alexandre Deur

The NMR system of the Hall A polarized helium-3 target
JLab-TN-98-049 Abstract   PDF   Postscript  
Sebastien Incerti

Hall A Tech Notes for 1997

Absolute calibration of the central momentum of the Hadron HRS
JLab-TN-97-042 Abstract   PDF  
John J. LeRose

Hall A Tech Notes for 1994

Absolute beam energy determination at CEBAF
CEBAF-TN-94-001 Abstract   PDF  
P. E. Ulmer, I. Karabekov, A. Saha, P. Bertin, P. Vernin

Forward angle physics in Hall A
CEBAF-TN-94-034 Abstract   PDF  
P. Markowitz, C. C. Chang, E. Cisbani, S. Frullani, F. Garibaldi, M. Iodice, G. M. Urciuoli, J. LeRose, S. Nanda

Hall A Tech Notes for 1993

On the possibility of accurate measurements of electron beam energy by means of Moller scattering
CEBAF-TN-93-059 Abstract   PDF  
L. G. Levchuk, P. V. Sorokin, P. E. Ulmer

Hall A Tech Notes for 1992

Photon flux computation for the HRS spectrometers at forward angle
CEBAF-TN-92-039 Abstract   PDF  
Zein-Eddi Meziani

Hall A Tech Notes for 1991

Hall A line of sight shielding
CEBAF-TN-91-024 Abstract   PDF  
K. A. Aniol, V. Punjabi

Low energy neutron shielding for the Hall A detector huts
CEBAF-TN-91-048 Abstract   PDF  
K. A. Aniol

MCEEP: Monte Carlo for electro-nuclear coincidence experiments
CEBAF-TN-91-101 Abstract   PDF  
P. E. Ulmer

Hall A Tech Notes for 1990

Beam energy, polarization and current determination using a high resolution chicane in Hall A
CEBAF-TN-90-275 Abstract   PDF  
J. M. Finn, P. Markowitz, J. LeRose, J. Mougey, P. E. Ulmer

Electroweak parity violation measurements using the CEBAF HRS spectrometer pair
CEBAF-TN-90-283 Abstract   PDF  
J. M. Finn, P. Markowitz, P. M. Rutt